Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday: Dr's Appt

No, I won't be writing a post every week.  Most of this is for myself, so that I remember various incidents.  You're sorta reading my journal.

We survived the doctor's appointment today.  We proudly delivered our poop samples that we labored so hard to get.  Er, rather, the kids labored for.  We (read: Philip) managed to not vomit while collecting.  Thankfully Jayce was able to revert to his orphanage habits of being potty trained.  We were really not looking forward to him sleeping in plastic wrap, so I put him on his little potty chair and he pooped!  Sorry, TMI for most of you.  I'm a mom now.  This is exciting news.  So, we are continuing the potty re-training today, and will hopefully get him comfortable using the potty in our home on a regular basis.

Both kids did great during the measuring and weighing part of their physical.  Jayce weighs 23lbs, 10oz, and is in the 10th percentile for his weight, but is 34" tall, and is in the 66 percentile for his height.  Anya is 20 lbs 9oz (17%) and 31" (70%).  The doctor didn't have any concerns about their well-being.  They are just tall and thin kiddos, which is no surprise to us.

The blood-drawing was another story.  We needed samples from both so they could do some extensive blood work.  Anya was poked a few times and they were not able to get enough from her.  She was freaking out by then, and Philip took her out of the room so Jayce could be poked.  He only had to be poked twice, but enjoyed no part of the process and let everyone in the hospital know about it (remember his excellent lungs??).  Anya was poked again and the nurses were still not able to get enough blood from her.   So, back to the clinic we will go at some point in the future so she can be poked again.  Lovely.  Poor Baby Girl. Part of the process involved holding each kiddo down while they flailed.  Not cool for Mommy, Daddy, or the two nurses.  We'll find out results in a week or two, though regardless of what the results of any of their tests are, we may not share them.  Thanks for understanding.  Both kiddos fell asleep promptly after the appointment.  Lots of stress.

I put up the Duplo legos and got down my wood blocks today.  I think the Duplos are a bit above their abilities for now, so that's fine.  I love these blocks because there are pics of leaves, cats, dogs, yatchs, unicorns, and other essential vocabulary words.  They are loving the blocks.

At the moment Uncle Jay and Uncle Daniel are over playing with Jayce.  Anya is not having a good "people" afternoon, especially after strangers poked with with needles.  Jayce was super happy this afternoon, woke up well from his nap, had a good snuggle with me, and a good play time with Philip.

Ok, kiddos are fussing now, thankfully it's almost time for bed.

Quick video of Jayce and Uncle Jonathan playing:

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  1. A pediatric lab tech is worth its weight in gold... that is, if you had just a regular one and haven't experienced the wonder of ultra tiny needles and nurses who poke little kids all day and do it as fast and as painless as possible. I'm sorry it went so rough with the blood draws. Pretty much sucks.