Friday, June 6, 2014

Last Minute Craziness

Ear plugs and candy for the
passengers around us
Less than 24 hours until we leave.  Actually, more like 14 hours and some-odd minutes.  I'm finally feeling a little frazzled.  I know for certain that people have been praying for me, because I am not nearly as stressed as I otherwise would be. In fact, I think people have been praying for rest for us, because we have had some great nights of sleep this past week.  Please stop praying for sleep, because we need to accomplish some things!

We have both been pretty busy, of course.  I have a list of things to delegate, a list of things to do, a list of things to pack, a list of things to tell Joni, a Fred Meyer list, a Sally's list, a Costco list, a Kohls list, a list of what I need to do today, a list of things to do in Ethiopia, a list of people to buy gifts for, and a list of things to ask the orphanage.  There.  I just made an official list of all my lists.  Oh, and I have a chart of travelers, carry-ons, and checked bags, and what is in each piece of luggage.  Whew.

My and my mommy
I am very grateful for the friends and family that have helped us conquer some of those lists.  Krystal was over and packed the kids' bag, Mom did my Costco run for me and cleaned my kitchen.  Sadie is loaning us her backpack again, Lisa is house sitting, Wendy is harvesting my garden, and Ali put together earplug packets for the passengers around us on the plane.

Everyone has expressed mass enthusiasm for us and for our little family.  In fact, (dare I admit it??)  I think people are more excited for us that we are. I am excited, don't get me wrong.  But after 4 years, my emotions are still a little numb.  I have a hard time getting excited about anything anymore.  The responsibility of two kiddos is weighing on me, as well as the infinite horror stories of many other adoptions.  That aside, I trust that God does the forming and shaping of each kiddo.  They are His, after all.  He is my strength, and He gives wisdom and endurance.  And, to top it off, God gave me an incredible husband to lead me and walk this crazy family-growing experience with me.  I am eternally grateful for Philip!

I have had a fuzzy brain all day.  If you told me the sky was green and red plaid, I would probably believe you.  I'm not really sure what end is up, and I am ceasing to be functional.  Thankfully we're almost all packed and ready.

For those that would like some specific prayer requests, please pray that we arrive safely with allllll our luggage!  That we would all stay healthy, be patient with each other, and that we would truly enjoy our time with the kids and each other.  Please pray that there are no hiccups along the way with customs and immigration, poor communication, timing or travel.  Pray that the kids recognize us, and are able to adjust quickly without fear.  Pray that we would know how to best sooth them and comfort them as this is all outside their control.  Please pray for graciousness when we are at the end of our rope.  :)  Thanks!  The next update will probably be from Africa!

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  1. Numb is ok and dare I say within the range of normal. While we are all extremely relieved that the long wait is over, we are not about to experience the process of adjusting to our first kids at the same time internationally and emotionally adjust to deal with the loss you and they have had. Sober feelings are totally fine. I will pray for God's hand of protection on your kids' hearts as they are taken from their past and introduced to their future. Yes, I will pray that you are able to enjoy your children, even while you're in transition! Sunshine moments are good medicine for cloudy ones! And I will pray against that brain fog. I hate brain fog. Really.