Saturday, November 26, 2016

It's All Crazy

Dear Reader,

You know it is time to sweep when you kiddos use dirt from the kitchen floor to make "salsa" in their play kitchen.

We have invented a new phrase in our home.  A fluffy pink pajama'd princess flounces downstairs and announces that there is some "cat eww" upstairs on the carpet.  Most people would call this a hairball, but in our home it is now "cat eww".

We have defined "integrity" as "doing the right thing, even if no one is watching" and we have been really focusing on that this week.  There have been many instances to emphasize this character quality with both positive and negative situations that arise....  mostly the latter.

Afore mentioned princess woefully declares that she misses two things: the beach and the zoo.  I guess we should make plans to fix that problem soon.

It is also one of those weeks where, when I call my husband at work, he automatically assumes "someone did something" instead of thinking I just called to say "I love you".  Indeed, I was calling to get advice on a semi-severe discipline situation.  It's one of those weeks.

When your son has had a rough week (or two) and has essentially run out of grace, but then asks to snuggle during nap time, and falls asleep with his fingers curled around your hand...  Now, what was I upset at him for?  I don't remember.

When your daughter has been angelic this past week, and begins to feel her oats and think she can do no wrong.  Sigh.

When your vintage, proper grandmother says the brussel sprouts on a stalk look like warts-- you never see then the same way again.

When you look at the world map on the wall of your kitchen, see the countries and the cultures represented, and know that in each country there are children waiting to be loved by a mama and a daddy, and your heart breaks a little bit more inside.

When you read the story of a family that traveled to meet their daughter, only to find out after months of delays in-country that she has a loving birth family that is willing to parent her of they had some financial help for school expenses.  It is a heart wrenching story of a family walking by faith and choosing to do the right thing, even it is the most painful thing imaginable.  It's humbling, to see a family live out their commitment to do God's will even in the face of broken dreams and a crushed agenda.  Again, I am reminded of integrity.

Equally as heartbreaking, a friend miscarries.  We grieve for them, and hold our kiddos just a little tighter.

So, it's been a bit of a roller coaster around here.  Philip and I were able to get away for two days just to spend time together, quietly.  It was super nice.

We are entering a tough season with all the holiday festivities, and are each of us being challenged and molded in new ways.

I'm grateful for an amazing husband, my beautiful children, and a patient God that loves me despite me being a hot mess.

That's all for now.