Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A few paintings

A random girl.  I kinda like how the paint did odd things.  
I've started a new blog post twice over the last 6 weeks, and have lost interest in both. Maybe some day I'll pull them out and make them presentable. But in the mean time, they sit in my “blog” folder with “IP” in the title, reminding me that they're “in progress”.
My child's birth mom will be grieving despite my joy
My blog is VERY overdue for an update, so I decided on a post that requires very little brain-power on my part. Recently, I've been sketching a little as I think about family. Part of the inspiration was a friend's birthday, and part was just my own reflections and need for an artistic outlet. For better or for worse, here you go!   

My friend likes angels.  

More angels.
This picture started the sketching: remembering the two kids
that have impacted us in significant ways,
but will never be a part of our family.  
I enjoyed the parable about the lost sheep, where the
Shepherd searches diligently to bring his
wandering sheep home.

I think this is my favorite.
3 women, 3 skin tones.
I don't know if they are mother-daughter or just friends,
but it doesn't seem to matter.

And still, more angels.