Friday, March 2, 2018

Arnold Goes To Disney, Day 5

I am hoooooome!!!!!

Oh, my goodness, "Disneywand" might be dubbed the "happiest place on earth" but home is the best place on earth.  It is good to be home.

My day began around 5:30am when the Mama woke up the kiddos.  She had been up before then, but let them (and me) sleep a bit longer.  I really enjoyed the snuggles with Anya.

Now, this is the way to smuggle. See
how right-side-up I am?

After a packing frenzy and a semi-leisurely breakfast, we hit the road for the airport, just over an hour away.  Thankfully, we left plenty of time because traffic was backed up due to fictitious accidents.

Loaded and ready to road trip!
I did end up being in the main cabin
with the humans, at Jayce and Anya's request.
Bless them.  I was getting a kink in my back.

The flight was a boring as I remember.  It was slightly less than 2 hours, but somehow one of the small children managed to be bored despite two snacks, juice, a comic book, a new coloring book and pens, a fuzzy blanket, and a grandparent being present.  Not sure how this happened, but I was glad the flight was not any longer than it was.

Killing time playing "Go Fish" before the flight.
Note to self: need to invent a game called "Go Turtle"

The people at the rent-a-car agency (Midway, in case you were wondering.  I don't personally care) ended up being fantastic.  Remember how great they were when we got the car?  The check-out process was just as easy, and they even gave us a ride to the terminal so we didn't have to walk a million miles lugging all our paraphernalia.  I was so excited I might have done a slow happy dance.

Jayce, already bored and not even on the airplane yet.
Then, in the airport itself, the lady behind the desk happily checked out overweight bag, checked Ma'Bee's bag for free, and checked the kiddos' carseats.  It was absolutely the easier of the two flights for the Mama.  She was extra grateful for the help.

Waiting to go potty, and pretending
the phone booth was an office.

So we are home now.  The Daddy will be home Sunday afternoon, and the Mama is counting the seconds until he arrives.  I am catching some rest the best I can.  Adventures at Disney are so fun, but home is best.

With contentment,