Monday, December 8, 2014

Mr. Mom

We interrupt this work day to bring you
story time with the Princess!
Last week I had jury duty. Unlike most people, I actually was excited for the opportunity, and hoped I would get to be part of a trial. I'm not as interested in the "civic duty" and "maintain-your-rights" part of it as I am just curious and interested in the process. It sounds interesting to be thrown together with complete strangers and be forced to collaborate, draw on each others' strengths, and watch how it all unfolds. It's the ultimate in people-watching. Unfortunately I was not selected for a jury, despite my research to see what would make me most attractive to both the prosecution and defendant. Oh well. But this post is not about that. It's about the few hours in the morning that Philip had the kids.

Philip doubling as a mattress
When I received my jury summons, Philip immediately went into sad-puppy-eyes-mode, heralding the world's end since I was leaving him with the kids for, um, a few hours. (This is certainly not the first time he's had the kids, hello?). When the day came I was to report to the courthouse, I received these texts through the course of the morning:

(I left the house at 7:40am, and this was the conversation starting at 9:30)

Philip: Jayce woke me up at least every 30 minutes last night. The best sleep I got was between 7 and 8, because it was the only hour of uninterrupted sleep. :/ today is going to be miserable.

Me: Ohhhhhh goodness. I'm sorry. You could probably take the kids to moms house.....? So far about a third of us were called up but there are 6 cases today so we'll see how it goes. I'm still sitting here.

Philip: This is going to be a long day… ”Jayce, I JUST said don’t touch my headphones. Why are you touching them? What? More muffin? You JUST asked to be “all done” and got down. Why did you get down? PLEASE don’t throw muffin crumbs!” That conversation just took place in about 30 seconds.

Me: Want me to ask of mom can come in? I may be here for hours more.

Philip: No.

Daddy and Son
Me: Lol ok then ;) I love you forever tho.

Philip: "Daddy! PLEASE SNUGGLE!" it would be kinda cute if the scramble did not include study books, computers, and various wires and cords. All I wanted to do was lie quietly, now I have two wiggles...identifying various body parts and subsequently poking them. I love my children.

Philip: Jayce just cleared the table without being asked. ::conviction::

Philip: I just kissed a pink boot 

Philip: And Jayce just growled and bit sister in the butt. I am concerned.

Me: Wha????

Philip: Right?

Me: Dang. I'm released and coming home now. :(

Philip: Praise Jesus.

Me: <sends picture of coffee>

Philip: That better not be a question. 

Me: Nope 

Philip: I just hid in the bathroom for 10 minutes pretending to poop. Don’t judge.

I look at how much Philip does for the family: working, managing finances, managing and growing the business, coordinating employees, handy-man stuff, diaper-duty, being an amazing dad, a loving husband, a son, a son-in-law, an associate pastor, a mentor, Bible study leader, laundry-doer, a student, a middle-of-the-night-someone-is crying-fixer, my best friend, etc etc etc.  It astounds me that he does it all with skill and patience.  He balances fun and work so well, and I have no idea how he does it.  So many times I feel over-my-head just managing my part of the housework and the kids, and he steps in to help.  Within minutes, my world is put to right again.

Some days I feel a little put-out that he is so good at what he does, and he's so good at my job, too.  Then, occasionally I am reminded that being Mr. Mom is....  maybe not his strongest role.

Philip is also a horsey
Chillin' with Daddy at the water park

The love of her life

Princess' escort

A safe place to be: in Daddy's arms

Yeah, he's mine!

My best friend