Saturday, March 29, 2014

Disappearing, and Other News

I'm long over-due for a post.  I wish there was better news to share.  Last post, I shared that the kids' cases were joined, and we could not pick up Jayce before Anya.  That's still the same.  I also shared that we were waiting on some paperwork to be re-done on Anya's birth-mom.  Well, for the last week or so, her birth-mom has been missing.  Neither our agency nor the orphanage can find her, so the paperwork remains undone.  Now, the process takes a different turn, as there must be a police report, an official search for her, and, if she still cannot be found, the paperwork will need to reflect her status as "disappeared".

Jonathan and Julianna in
prayer for our kiddos
We have no timeline for when all this may be complete.  I anticipate a month or more.

So, thank you for joining us in prayer as we wait.

I was talking to a friend on Sunday, and she wondered if there was a spiritual-warfare element to this whole process- that the Enemy was influencing the delays and slowdowns.  I suppose I had not looked at it from that angle before.  I have realized how unspecific my prayers have been.

This past week I have been focusing more on praying for specific things:

Hadson <3
That today progress would be made on our case.
That today the police report would be filed.
That today those in the offices responsible for our case would be diligent, energized, and effective in their work.
That today as much progress would be made on our case as is possible, and that our case would be "in the face" of those handling it.
That today the red tape and bureaucratic niceties would be bypassed in favor of expediency.
That today those handling our case would be tired of looking at it and would pass it on to the next step in the process.

We have spent more time than ever in corporate prayer for this situation.  It is reassuring to me to cry out to God and ask for His intervention.

Flowers and a tiger for Anya from Auntie Krystal
Monday was Anya's first birthday.  We didn't have a celebration, as neither Philip nor I felt like celebrating.  We fully expected her here with us, and we both went about the day feeling the absence of a small brown munchkin.  A friend, however, brought over some flowers and a gift for her.  It was so sweet!  Many friends also wrote her birthday notes on my FaceBook page, which warmed this mama's heart.

On the evening of the 25th, my uncle, Dr. Mamoun Nazif, passed away suddenly of a heart attack.  He and my aunt took prodigious care of me while I was in college, and he has been a special part of my life since I was young.  My earliest memories of him include him letting me win at backgammon.  He sure knew how to make a little girl feel special.  He was born and raised in Damascus, Syria.  His middle-eastern accent, generosity, love of people, and eccentricity made him beloved by everyone.  (Imagine "My Big Fat Greek Wedding")  Please be praying for my extended family as they grieve the 6th death in our clan in the last few years.  He left a wife, 4 kids and 6 grand kids.
Aunt Dianne and Uncle Mamoun

Once again, I see God's kindness, as I would not be able to attend his service if the kids were here.

That's all for now.  We'll let you know as things develop.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

In The Mean Time....

So....  I have no new news for you.  Nothing exciting to report.

Our friend's screensaver :)
On the adoption: the latest news is that we cannot pick Jayce up before we pick up Anya.  We were fervently praying about that, and neither Philip or I had a clear leaning either direction.  God, in His wisdom, took that decision out of our hands.  The Embassy linked the kids' cases together, so both cases will be cleared together, instead of separately.  Ok.

In the mean time....

We have been blessed by:
  • Friends that pray for our kids several times a day
  • A mom-toddler duo that pray at nap and bed time that Jayce and "Nanya" will come home soon
  • Encouragement from so many sources to continue to trust God
  • A friend with our kids as her phone screen saver
  • Good talks with "our" son in Brasil via FaceBook
  • Snuggly moments with friends' kiddos 
  • Exercise with another expectant mom
  • Shiro and injera from the Ethiopian market in Portland
  • When did my son grow up??
    I sure love this kid!
  • Inexpensive tickets to see a friend in sunny California next month

Please pray with us:

  • For patience and trust we we wait longer
  • For a quick decision from the court system to clear the kids' cases
  • That our kids' physical and emotional needs will be met as they wait
  • For a restful heart as we experience some non-adoption drama
  • That we would be reaching out to people even though we feel like curling up and putting our head in the sand

Some adoption art I worked on-- it's about 11x16, so bigger than I'm used to doing. 

And finished: