Thursday, March 13, 2014

In The Mean Time....

So....  I have no new news for you.  Nothing exciting to report.

Our friend's screensaver :)
On the adoption: the latest news is that we cannot pick Jayce up before we pick up Anya.  We were fervently praying about that, and neither Philip or I had a clear leaning either direction.  God, in His wisdom, took that decision out of our hands.  The Embassy linked the kids' cases together, so both cases will be cleared together, instead of separately.  Ok.

In the mean time....

We have been blessed by:
  • Friends that pray for our kids several times a day
  • A mom-toddler duo that pray at nap and bed time that Jayce and "Nanya" will come home soon
  • Encouragement from so many sources to continue to trust God
  • A friend with our kids as her phone screen saver
  • Good talks with "our" son in Brasil via FaceBook
  • Snuggly moments with friends' kiddos 
  • Exercise with another expectant mom
  • Shiro and injera from the Ethiopian market in Portland
  • When did my son grow up??
    I sure love this kid!
  • Inexpensive tickets to see a friend in sunny California next month

Please pray with us:

  • For patience and trust we we wait longer
  • For a quick decision from the court system to clear the kids' cases
  • That our kids' physical and emotional needs will be met as they wait
  • For a restful heart as we experience some non-adoption drama
  • That we would be reaching out to people even though we feel like curling up and putting our head in the sand

Some adoption art I worked on-- it's about 11x16, so bigger than I'm used to doing. 

And finished:


  1. I love the art! So talented. Also, I love that one bullet point about So Cal. ;-)

  2. We'll continue to pray, Ro. Thanks for the list of prayer ideas. Even though God knows exactly what you need, it's nice to know what we can pray for specifically. I love what you said about God taking the decision out of your hands. What a humbling, comforting perspective. Sometimes I can feel like much of my life is completely out of my hands. It is good for my soul to remember Whose hands my life is really in.