Friday, March 17, 2017

A few cute things the kiddos are saying, and some tournament videos

Jayce at his first tournament

Kiddos first tournament

Tiger testing!  The kiddos advanced a rank and are so proud
A few cute things the kiddos have said...

The other day I was trying to get the kiddos to think of words that begin with a specific sound, like "B". I gave examples like, "blanket" and "blue" and "basket" etc. Then, I asked for other words that began with the same sound. "Fish!" Um, no.
Later, we were talking about the sound "P" like "pink" and "purple." With the same assignment, Jayce explained "PUFFALOW!" I have no idea what a "puffalow" is, but it does, indeed, begin with the sound "p" so I am not complaining.

This morning, Jayce very sweetly and respectfully asks, "Mama? Today, would you please do laundry? I am out of pants." Oops. Yes, child. Needless to say, I spent all day doing laundry.

I cut Philip's hair the other day. Later, Anya was standing on the couch near him, exploring his hair. "Daddy, you should tell mama not to cut your hair so much up here. You don't have very much left."

After working out almost daily, my son still pats my tummy and says "Mama! Your tummy is fat!" Thanks, kid. Ugh. Ha ha!

A few days ago, Jayce picked up on the word "Chef" and was wondering what it meant. Today, he made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for our lunch- his first time making lunch! After much praise and affirmation, he looks at me and says "mama, I am sort of a chef!"

Anya, in the context of trying to match stray socks. "Some people only have one foot, mom. Maybe those socks could go to those guys."

Jayce: "What are you making? Snake??"
Me: "Um, no, but it some parts of the world they make snake."
Jayce: "Yuck."
Me: "Well, they think it is good, and they probably know how to make it yummy."
Jayce: "Well, God made us different."

Jayce: I have a county bookstore. People are supposed to be quiet inside. If they are not quiet, we send them skunks. (I am fairly certain that would be an excellent motivating factor to practice silence, child!)

When Jayce and Anya were spending time with my in-laws, Joni wrote:
Quote of the day, as we are deciding where everyone will sit at breakfast:
I said, "Julianna wants to sit by her mommy."
Jayce: By who?
Me: By me. I'm her mommy.
**LOUD laughter at this crazy statement**
Then this: "Anna is actually the mommy. YOU are the Grandmom! Someday you will have kids."