Friday, June 13, 2014

Little Things

A few things I don't want to forget:

Jayce's first English word: "Look!"  ha ha, I guess we say that enough.

Anya is calling for me: "Ma!" and is perfectly adorable.

Jayce is a little helper- he loves to share his toys with Anya, and knows which "snugglie" is hers, and will take it to her if she leaves it laying somewhere.  He also took her her bottle last night after he and I were in the kitchen making it.

Both kids are making great eye contact, "checking in" well with us, and enjoy taking walks.  They aren't scared to leave the gate anymore, and are comfortable leaving the room to get a toy from the other room without us.

Yesterday, Jayce wanted to go upstairs, so I accompanied him.  We got to the room, and I couldn't figure out what he wanted.  He stood looking around, and then picked up the plastic bags we use to tie dirty diapers in, and handed one to me.  He wanted a diaper change!

Jayce was hungry yesterday and out his fingers to his mouth to indicate he wanted something.  He shakes his head "no" and will point to what he wants instead.  He'll spit out any meat he gets, and usually waits until I have a napkin ready at his mouth.  If I don't, he spits the bite out into his hand and throws it on the floor.  Not with an attitude, it's just where trash goes, right?

He's rather OCD about things, likes to be clean, likes to be a neat eater (Mama is happy!!!) and likes to have both shoes and socks on.  This morning, he pointed to his shoes and wasn't satisfied until I put them on.

Jaz yf detwzdasxaqahytrdfesthliu;oi

<Jayce's first typed message>

They are both learning how to play with toys, learning how to put big legos together, and learning how to interact with us.  Our hostess' daughter, Noami, is over today and they are playing together before lunch.  It's cute to watch the three of them.

I had a dress made yesterday.  It fits great, and is decidedly not American, ha ha.  Love it!  Joni is having one made today, and I'm having a skirt made.

Today at the coffee shop (first family coffee outing), one of the guys standing around (we had an audience of waiters, guards, and random strangers) asked Philip who Jayce's father was.  After a brief "deer in the headlight" moment from Philip, he said "I am!" and the guy cracked up laughing!  Epic.


  1. I love reading your Blog and seeing the pictures. They are the cutest 2 kids.

  2. So happy for you guys and exctied for that you are there with your precious babies!!