Sunday, June 8, 2014

Adventure begins....

Hey guys, ok, so we're in Ethiopia after about 31 hours of travel.  I can't even imagine how it's gonna be in the way home.  But, today was mostly uneventful.  In Frankfurt we had 11 security officials looking at the ex-ray of my bag trying to figure out what the extra computer battery was.  It took about 15 minutes before they finally decided to open the bag and find out.  We arrived safe and sound with all our luggage, praise the Lord.  Joni had a wheelchair through the airports, which was great.  We got through lines faster than we would have otherwise, and all we had to do was follow the person in the bright yellow vest to our gate.

Ethiopia looks and smells just like we remember.  It feels so good to be back, and I might have accidentally referred to Ephrim and Yeshi's guesthouse as "home" at one point.  We have the perfect room for the week: large private bathroom, twin bed, crib, and king sized bed.  Joni has her own private room downstairs so she doesn't have to climb.  We're mostly settled in now.  I may have brought an entire pharmacy with me, but I'm a first-time mom.  Don't judge.

Tomorrow morning we'll go to the market for a short bit, so Joni can get a feel for the city and we can pick up some little gifts.  In the late afternoon we'll pick up the kids!  Tuesday at 1 is our Embassy appointment.

There is not hot water today, but that's ok.  I'm super tired and going to bed now.  Tchau.

Nice to have a little more space on the last flight.

Sunset from the plane

trying to be organized

Diaper bag packed :)

The "pharmacy" I brought with me