Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sissy's Birthday Cake

This post is 3 months late.  Yup, I'm that much of a procrastinator, and I may be also super busy or something.  Anyway, I made Anya a birthday cake back in March, and it was so cute I wanted to share.  Is that lame or what?  Anyway, it was one of those Pinterest things that I wanted to try, and it actually turned out!

Since I did the "princess" party theme last year, I needed to choose something different this year.  Poke-a-dots!  

I got one of those cake-pop makers online, and was super impressed with it.

First, I made a recipe of batter, and divided the batter with some intense food coloring in it.  I never claimed this was healthy.

Here it goes into the handy-dandy cake-pop-maker:

Then it comes out looking like this.  Aren't they cute?  They aren't perfectly round but that didn't seem to matter.

Then, I put part of a cake mix in the bottom of a pan, laid the cooked pops in it, and covered it with the rest of the batter.  I made two layers of white cake, each with cake pops in the middle.

Here the two layers of cake are, each with cake pops inside

Frosted, with poke-a-dots on the outside, it looks like this :) 

My baby girl at dinner that evening, about to blow out her candle!

Here is how it looked when we cut into it!  Fun!

I'm not sure Anya appreciated the steps involved, but she was quite pleased to have a piece of cake! :)

The pops stayed moist, despite being baked twice.

Instead of a big party, I asked Anya to choose two friends to go to the tulip fields with her.  Mercifully, she chose two adults, which made life so easy for me.  We went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm and enjoyed the fields.

Anyway, that's all for now! 

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