Thursday, June 30, 2016

Brazil, Nerves, and Kiddos - Day 7

Hey!  I made it over the half way mark!!  7 days in, and 6 days to go.  Woot woot!  Both kids are still alive, and I feel quite accomplished.

To date, I have managed to be gluten-free for 7 days, and only had one cup of coffee (today) in the last 7 days.  My gluten experiment is only that: experimental.  I don't really expect anything to change, but my husband would appreciate me not subjecting him to my GF curiosity.  So, I'm experimenting while he's away.

At the hat store in Seaside

We just got home from a few wonderful days at the beach.  My mom and I took the kiddos to Seaside on Monday, and we just got home in time for nap this afternoon.  It was a great distraction, and fun for mom and I together.

I planned for everything, I thought.  The weather here was 81 degrees....  forgot to check the weather at the coast.  Low 60s? Yeah, My poor daughter didn't have any long pants, but the sweet thing didn't complain.  It wasn't cold specifically, but certainly not the bathing-suit and tank top weather I planned for.  Oops.  Lesson learned.

Learning about roasting marshmallows

Today, on the way home, we stayed awake the entire time and talked.  I learned that when Sissy gets big, she wants a horsey named "Stick Tree" which she will ride with a pink cowboy hat on the beach. This horse will be trained to lay down so she can get on it's back.  Jayce's horsey will be named "Ward".  Jayce doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up. This was said very thoughtfully and with all seriousness.  He is still figuring it out.  Oh, but they will both have cows named "Sailor Dog".

Jayce will buy sissy a house because hers is broken.  He seemed to think that his daddy would live too far away to help him come fix his own house, but I assured him that no matter where he lived, Daddy and I would be able to travel to his home.

Happily coating ourselves in sand

The kids also learned the word "emergency" and asked me to keep naming emergencies...  for their own amusement.  I ran out of emergencies, trying to keep the concept still 3-year-old appropriate.  We did define it, however, as something that needs help right away and won't get better by itself.  For example, someone hurt in a car crash = emergency.  A bumped toe?  Mama can give kisses and snuggles and it will get better by itself.

On the beach, we flew kites, dug in the sand, and ran as fast as our small legs could take us.  We met some very kind people.  Our (fantastic) hotel had a breakfast each morning.  Mom took the kids down to eat, and came back up each morning telling me how many people commented on how well behaved the kiddos were.

Princess and a goof-ball <3 

This morning, as we checked out, the hotel clerk wanted to pick my brain about my parenting strategies, ask more details about what mom had told her, and legitimately try to figure out what was different about my kiddos.  It was heartwarming, overwhelming, and I felt totally out of my depth.  I appreciated her kindness to me and my family, and because of some things mom had said, I got to talk about Jesus with her.  As we were leaving, I was able to pray with her right in the hotel lobby.  It was fun to share with the kids how their good attitudes and good choices made it possible for me to share Jesus with someone.  I hope it sunk in a little the importance of doing what God says is right.

I AM gonna kiss you!!!

We are home now, and it's all warm and sunny here.  This afternoon we are going to the courthouse to watch and celebrate a friend's adoption.  This little girl is a friend of theirs from their Tiger classes, and her parents invited us to share in this moment with them.  I can't wait, and am quite positive I'm gonna cry my eyes out.  I hope it's a good, affirming experience for the kiddos also.

Ok, gotta wake them up from their nap now.

Seriously mama's favorite picture right now


Daniel came over for dinner this evening, which was nice.  He's currently playing the guitar on my chair while the kiddos are going to sleep.  Philip FaceTimed me this evening, which was amazing-- it was so great to hear his voice, even if it was brief. So even though it has been a crazy day, I'm tired, happy, and enjoying the moment.  Not thinking about tomorrow quite yet-- that is overwhelming.  'Night y'all!

She kissed me!!!!

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