Sunday, June 26, 2016

Brazil, Nerves, and Kiddos - Day 3

My friend and I gave each other fist-bumps at church today, congratulating each other that we made it three whole days without our husbands.  11 more to go.  Trying not to think about that.  The kids have been fantastic.  I can really tell people are praying for me.  The extra prayers are making a difference, and God is graciously holding me through this! My mom and mother-in-law have all helped a lot with the kids.  I feel a bit bad taking advantage of their kindness, but it is a blessing.

Anyway, Philip was super amazing about texting while he was with Hadson. I can't wait to hear more, but it seemed like the time was wonderful, precious, fun and encouraging.  Our friends picked Philip up at the airport Friday evening, and they went to a concert and then out to dinner on the beach.  Philip said it was BYOF: Bring Your Own Fish.  Something about a fish market and then dinner under the stars and shrimp...  Not sure.  Hadson doesn't like fish.

Saturday, Philip, Hadson and our friend Nathan went to a soccer game.  In the evening there was a youth event where Philip was privileged to share Scripture and encourage the kids. Hadson had to return to his army base early Sunday morning.  Philip went to church with our friends, the Souzas, and has now returned to Sao Paulo where he will join the rest of the team.

Knowing that Philip had to say "goodbye" again to Hadson had me in tears.  Surely the airport security wouldn't mind if we bundled Hadson up in an extra suitcase and brought him home, would they?

Here are a few pics that Philip texted home from his time up North.

This picture says so much- the smiles
and happiness just oozes through!

Before the soccer game :)

After dinner, with our friends and their family

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