Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 in Review: The New Years Letter

For some of you that are just joining this blog, welcome!  I’m glad you’re here and have taken an interest in our little family.  

Each year about this time, I write a “New Year’s letter”.  This is different than a “Christmas letter” because it does not need to be pre-Christmas, but can be anytime between Christmas and the end of January.  I appreciate this flexibility (or excuse to procrastinate). This post is a little longer than most, my apologies.

Some highlights from 2013:

Febuary: I visited a missionary friend who was back in the States on furlough

Catching up with the bestie while she's back in the
States for a few months

March: My first art show at a local coffee shop.  It was a fundraiser for our adoption, and you can read about it <here>.  Also in March, mom and some friends and I cooked for a missions training camp, full of teens.  It stretched our culinary abilities, but we only burned the spaghetti once.

My sis-n-law and I at the coffee shop

April: found me planning the wedding of some dear friends, then Philip and I were off to Costa Rica to visit Philip’s brother and sister-in-law that moved there.  It was a great time to relax and catch up with family. 

Kurt and Sadie - April 6, 2013
Meeting up with the Nephews in Costa Rica

Niece and 2 Nephews
Philip in Costa Rica with the Nephew
I know, it's tough visiting family

Quality time with my new niece!

June: I turned 28 and we had a yard sale as an adoption fundraiser.

Portland Saturday Market with a friend,
encountering some feathered beasts

July: Philip turned 29

Philip preparing for a sermon...  or at least trying to.
He's been able to take on new roles in the church and
has had the privilege of preaching fairly often.

July-August: We participated in two youth camps, one in eastern Oregon, one in Montana.  We were able to spend two weeks working with teens, discipling and training them to share their faith.  It is a very rewarding time, but also very challenging.  

One of my favorite memories was talking with a 10-year-old girl, showing her from the Bible that God is good, and He does love her.  Seeing the truth of His word seep into her mind and take root there…  nothing more rewarding!

Montana camp, Philip and I were captains
of the blue team for the week.  We look
exhausted because...  we were :)

My goofy, beloved Senior girls at the Idaho camp.
Goodness, I love them!

Philip helping a camper share the Gospel
at a park ministry in Eastern Oregon

August: Philip and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and took a day trip to Mt. St. Helens.

Also, a good friend from Washington/Idaho passed into Eternity.  Don was an example of service, love, and sacrifice.  His life will always be remembered with thanksgiving to God.

Don Templin (center)-- looking forward to seeing him
again in Eternity.  Yes, that's me in the right foreground
trying to duck out of the way!
Mt. St. Helens

September: We celebrated Jayce's first birthday with family

Cake, fruit, and scrapbook pages-- celebrating without my
little man!  :(

October: I cooked for another missions training camp with my mom and friend. We did not burn anything.

November: We traveled to Ethiopia for the first time and met our precious kiddos, Jayce and Anya.  Many of you have read my blog on that trip, and I appreciate your ongoing interest in our process!  You can read past blogs about that trip starting <here>. There are plenty of pictures.

December: Waiting for the next phase of adoption, and finishing preparations for the kiddos.  :)  As of December 26, our case has been submitted to the US Embassy, and Lord willing, we will travel to bring our kiddos home in late January or early February 2014.  Please pray with us that there are no glitches along the way.

Jonathan and Daniel- these two goofballs took up
abode in our basement for the last few years
Ongoing activities: Philip’s brothers lived with us for about 2 years and moved out in September to their own place.  They brought joy and challenge, fun and craziness.

We continue to have a Bible study in our home Thursday nights: dinner for the crew at 7, and study at 8.  It’s a great group of “kids” (mostly college age) and we love them.  

Philip and I are enjoying a martial arts class together.  It's fun to learn something new and wildly attempt to stay in shape.

Philip practicing elbow strikes

I think that’s about it.  Have a blessed New Year. Keep checking back- I'll be posting new updates as the adoption progresses.

May the God of peace give you His peace and may you be filled with joy.

Maternity pics taken by a friend
with an inflatable globe as my "belly"

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