Friday, November 15, 2013

Playing in the Dirt

Baby girl had a silly onesie-hat on this morning
Playing in the dirt
Thank you guys for praying for Anya- her cough is much better today than it was on Wednesday.  She was a chipper little one today, didn't fuss at all, and even let me feed her!  She fell asleep after her snack, and woke up happy to sit and snuggle a little.  In the past she's only happy if we're walking around with her, but today we were able to sit.  She demonstrated that she's almost mobile, sorta crawling and sorta scooting around.  Her little legs are strong and she'll be walking before long!  I just hope I get to see her first steps.
Baby girl letting me feed her!

More huge progress with Jayce today.  While I held Anya, Philip played with Jayce in the yard with the other boys.  He had Jayce screaming with laughter!  Apparently chewing on Jayce's arm and tummy is the best thing ever.  Go figure.  It was wonderful!

Philip took Anya and I went outside.  Jayce was playing in the dirt, and let me sit on the ground and play with him.  He and I made a very nice dirt pile together.  The caregivers gave him a rose to give to me.  Jayce promptly dismembered the flower made a pile out of it, and then heaped dirt on the pile.  Yup, all boy.  That's my little man!

Best part of the day: Getting ready to leave and Jayce saw his daddy's water bottle.  He pointed, and Philip gave him a long drink of water.  After that, he was rather distressed that we were leaving.  Yup, so thankful for what God is doing and how He is helping us through this!

Philip and I bought tickets to go to Gambella- we'll leave Tuesday and get back Wednesday.  Just a short trip, but hopefully we can get a feel for where our kids spend the first months of their life.

Yesterday was kinda difficult for us- the culture was catching up to us and we felt stressed.  I think it was primarily because we were so helpless and couldn't take care of ourselves.  Trying to communicate between driver, guest house, agency, lawyer, and airlines was a cultural nightmare.  We are eternally grateful for our hostess, Yeshi, for helping us through it.  And, we were finding out exactly how expensive things were here!  From now on we'll try taking local taxis where we need to go.  As much as we love our agency's driver, it is just too expensive for constant use.

Thank y'all for your encouragement!  We love hearing from you, and are thankful for your prayers for us and our kiddos.  God is good!

The best pic of all!


  1. I'm glad your daughter is feeling better. They're both so precious!


  2. I am just now getting the opportunity to view and read this. What an amazing opportunity and gift God has given the two of you. I am overwhelmed with joy for all four of you and will continue to pray.