Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hikes and Snuggles

We're leaving today, and I wanted to stick in one last blog post before we left.  We've had some free time, so we've taken some long walks back behind Addis into the countryside.  Dirt roads, donkey carts, and fried pastries...  So wonderful to absorb the sights, sounds and smells of non-city Ethiopia.

"Street sambusa" with lentils- basically deep-fried
pastry with filling, for 12 cents each.  So yummy!

One of the Orthodox churches half way up a mountain.
Hiking at 7,500 feet takes it toll! 

We also went shopping at the merkato and post office market:

And, of course, we had to say goodbye to our precious kiddos.
Two of the wonderful caregivers that have loved on my kiddos

I put my necklace on Jayce as the one his birth mom gave him
fell off.  I do have the original now, and will save it for him for later.

The caregivers gave me the opportunity to pour
buna (coffee).  They tried to take Anya from me,
but I pretty much refused.  :)  I can do both at once.

Jayce's fuzzy head is officially addicting.
Nothing better than happy nap snuggles with
my little man.

Abba, I pray that Your protection would surround my kiddos
and that they would be aware of Your presence
in the coming months of transition.
For Jayce, make his arms strong to do Your work,
his mind quick to understand Your Truth,
his heart soft for others in need,
and his feet swift to run to Your arms.
For Anya, may her small hands be skilled to serve others,
her heart be compassionate as You are,
her eyes see people as You do,
her mouth speak Your truth with love,
and may her feet be quick to run to You. 
I trust You with my kids.  They are Yours. 
Thank you for the gift You have given me.  Amen.

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