Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Family

More progress!  Minimal fussing from either kiddo today.  The orphanage staff was super sweet and basically cleared the court yard for us so we could have some family time together-- and that is what it's beginning to feel like!  Just the 4 of us, hanging out.  Man, I'm one blessed girl!  At one point today, I was snuggling with my little man and caught myself thinking "How on earth did I get so lucky??"  Ha ha, it's not luck.  I'm blessed by a God who loves me so much!  And apparently He thinks I'm ready for this, because He has entrusted Philip and I with two of His most adorable creations.  Adorable creations who pee, snuggle, eat, and play.
The bigger boys at the orphanage are used to seeing Philip and I and try to share our attention.  They are cute little fellows, but about the time they take Jayce's leaves away from him or crawl up my back to strangle me with my necklace....  um....  yeah.  I'm glad for my little snuggle-bugs.

My little man with my water bottle

I think this is one of my favorites

Baby girl letting me feed her

Daddy putting on shoes

My family!!!!!!  Ha ha, Jayce sabatoging Anya's bottle

Daddy-Daughter love


  1. AWWWW!!! I want to snuggle your adorable kiddos tooooooo!!!! I think I need to plan a trip to visit you! :D God is indeed so good. And He blesses us so much with good things its overwhelming. Enjoy you precious babies :) Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

  2. I can feel the emotion through these pictures. What a unique blessing you're experiencing that most people never think of pursuing.