Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Beach Day

As a family, we went out on first overnight adventure!  We left just before nap yesterday, and drove to Newport.  The kids woke up before we got to the beach, so we ate, and Jayce subsequently threw up his entire lunch in the winding road through the Coastal Range.  During lunch, however, we had several compliments on how well the kids were doing, how clean they were at eating, and how well behaved.  Yup, we were very thankful.

After we got Jayce cleaned up, we made our way to the sand.  They were not too sure what to think, being their first time on a beach.  The water was pretty scary.  The sand, however, was a huge hit.  I think both kiddos could have played there all day.  

Baby girl kinda tried eating the sand....

How am I ever going to get all the sand
out of that curly hair??

We spent the night at a cheap hotel.  Since we brought the kiddos' beds with us (thanks to playpen cribs), the kids did great and we all slept well.  This morning we crashed the Oregon Coast Aquarium and spent a few hours there.  I think it was above the kids' heads.  They enjoyed a few things, though their favorite activity was looking at other children.

We invested in some kiddo Dramamine, so we had no problems on the way home.  Upon arriving home, we saw that they were still filming The Librarians at our local library.  So, we dumped our stuff at the house and took a speedy trip to the park to stalk Christian Kane.  The kiddos enjoyed the water park (well, Jayce did.  Anya wasn't too fond of getting wet.)  I enjoyed the great zoom on my camera. 

 Now we're home safe and sound, dry, and ready for bed.  'Night y'all!

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  1. leenz matthias kamandanJuly 26, 2014 at 10:37 PM

    Thank you! As soon as Christian Kane's name pop up, i love to know more about it. Thnank you for those pics of him! You make every Kaniacs around the world screaming!!! Thank you, thank you. Sending you hugs!