Thursday, July 24, 2014

"I'm Going To Take A Shower"

I'm smiling as I type.  What a silly title for this post!  Yes, what a hilarious statement.  What ever made me think that I could utter it this morning?  Or any morning, for that matter?!

"I'm going to (go get clean clothes, see the unmade bed and make it, find kid clothes, sort and put away the kid clothes, unpack a suitcase, find more kid clothes, sort and put them away, go upstairs, straighten the upstairs, restock the diaper drawer, insist that a child eats their healthy food before a muffin, pick up a screaming child, hold the screaming child until they stop screaming 45 minutes later, become coated in kid tears, sweat and spit, feed the child the healthy food, let the child consume the muffin, clean up the kitchen, unload the dishwasher, reload the dishwasher, put a child on the potty, clean up that child, hear a knock on the door, welcome unexpected visitors, hope I don't stink, serve tea and coffee, clean up after visitors, start a load of laundry, remember that it's eating up my hot water, stop the laundry, take out meat to thaw for dinner, look for my clothes that have now been transported to all corners of the house, trip over the cat, take a child potty again, trip over shoes while coming out of the bathroom, clean up the shoes, find my scattered clean clothes, run away from the children chasing me, run into the bathroom, close the door, and) take a shower."

That's kinda how that goes.

So, I just lost about 5 days worth of blogging since the irritating technology didn't save my work.  So, I'll add the pics and videos, and you can insert your own witty comments.  Arg.

Jayce learned to use a kitchen knife this past week.  It makes me feel pretty great that my not-even-two year old is aware enough to safely learn and work like that in the kitchen.  Sure, he'll make mistakes, but we all do, and he's not to young to learn responsibility and safety.

He also likes to look over my shoulder and watch, sniff, taste test, and stir.  Here, he got to try ginger root.

I don't think he liked it.  :/

Anya is learning quickly.  She is eating neatly and drinking with fewer spews to the corners of the room.  We are letting her feed herself more often, which is nice.  She continues to mimic words and sounds, and she is catching on to games that Jayce will play.  Both kids are interacting with each other and "talking" to each other more and more.  It's cute and fun.

Anya and I both had pneumonia last week.  She just had a cough, but I had a fever for 3 days and was so weak that I had to rest after walking across the room.  I was out for about a week.  I could really tell the impact it had on bonding with the kiddos when I was unable to interact with them.  Philip was amazing and picked up the slack, though only having one functioning parent is difficult.  Anya and I both got on antibiotics, and are much better now, besides a lingering occasional cough.  I was very thankful for a friend and my mother in law for each bringing a meal.  It really helped a lot, since making anything other than PB&J was complicated.  This first month of mommy-hood has been interesting.  It has been a cross between "please leave me alone" and "please help me".  I'm not sure where the balance is.  Combine that with sickness, and, well, lets just say that last week was not my best.

We went to the park today since both kids woke up with more energy than should be legal.  It was their first time on swings.  There was another mom there with her three white kids.  At one point, I overheard her answering an unheard question by saying "people come in all colors!"  It was so cute!  I wish I could hear the whole conversation they will have later.  The five kids had an enjoyable time looking at each other.  It seems good for Jayce and Anya to be able to watch other kids play, since they don't know how to on their own.

Yesterday we all went to a wedding.  It was a small event, and they did great.  I think their outfits were perfectly adorable.

Pretty much my favorite pic: Grandma Bee
with her grand baby.  I love Jayce's eyes,
and his little brown hand on hers.

Two good looking boys!

Mommy and me

Oh, I have to share about Jayce's shirt.  So, I have had this suit for him for a while.  (He's almost grown out of it.)  But I didn't have a collared shirt.  Sure, I have plaid flannel.  Most days I'm not hick enough to put a suit jacket over flannel, although no one would have been surprised.  So, Anya and I went to GoodWill to look for a shirt.  Before hand, I prayed specifically that God would give us a shirt that was the right color and size for him.  After several minutes of looking through the hodgepodge of over-worn kids' clothes, there was ONE boys' dress shirt.  White.  Name brand. Jayce's exact size.  Brand new.  With tags.  $4.  HOW COOL IS GOD????  I loved that little reminder of His care for me and my crazy life.

After the wedding we went to our krav maga class.  It was the first time we had been back since the kids were home.  They were very patient through the class, staying off the mats and quietly playing.  At one point, "Big John" had Philip in a hold, lifted off the ground.  Anya saw her daddy being "attacked" and her eyes became very round, her lip puckered, and a little whimper escaped her lips.  I think all the guys' hearts melted, and Philip had to reassure her that he was fine.  In other news, I can barely move today, though it was not a hard workout.  Gotta get back in shape.  Arg.

We are going to the zoo tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have some cute kiddo-animal pics coming up soon.

That's all for now!

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