Friday, May 30, 2014

All Of A Sudden

After 4 years........
My phone this morning....
Philip trying to get a hold of me
to tell me the news :)
After so many delays.......
After so many tears and headaches and spastic moments.......

We have been cleared by the US Embassy!!!

Yes.  We can go get our kiddos now!!!

What happened?? Well, on Monday we received notice that we had cleared the Ethiopian court.  We were excited, but as there were still things that needed corrected, we did not get our hopes up.  In fact, I had not gotten around to writing a blog post yet because I have been busy.  We didn't expect to hear anything for another few weeks.  Well, God has a sense of humor!

So, we are praying and hoping to travel next Saturday, the 7th.  We hope to appear before the US Embassy between the 10th and 12th of June.  Once we have that appointment set, we can confirm plane tickets and travel plans.  (Last call for our puzzle fundraiser!  All donations go directly to airfare.)

We're doing well, and a little freaked out and spastic right now!  This next week is going to be crazy, but God is just that amazing and perfect and wonderful!  Praise Him!

Hang on, precious kiddos-- just a few more days.  Mommy and Daddy are coming!  

A few pics from today.  God blessed me and allowed me to see some special friends this weekend!

Cutest Aryana
Malachi, Naomi and Ary


Maturity at its best

Mama/son scone-making endeavor

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  1. tears of joy! Yay! Let me know if there is anything we can do as you get ready to leave and while you are gone!