Monday, May 19, 2014

Fresh Air

This morning was a breath of fresh air.  After weeks and weeks and months of delays, differing stories, ineptness and frustrations, this morning we had a breath of fresh air.

We have been re-submitted to court!  Praise Jesus!  

The Ethiopian court system now has our case, and can approve it (again) based on the new information they have been given (new life-history forms and police searches).  This should be a quick step, though nothing is quick in our country of sundials.  We have no timeline for this step.

After our case is approved, we will be resubmitted to the US Embassy.  Now that the Ethiopian paperwork and the American paperwork are congruent, the Embassy should have the documentation/interviews/whatever they need to approve our case.  Again, this should be a straightforward process, barring further delays.

Thank you so much for waiting with us and holding us in prayer before the Throne of God.  As indicated in my previous blog post, the last few weeks have been some of the most difficult that we have experienced.  Today was a step in the right direction.  There is hope for us, yet.

We are not holding our breath.  We still have no timeline.  We are not re-packing our suitcases yet.  But, we are not biting anyone that comes within arms reach anymore.  At least, not today.  Today we are smiling.


  1. Awesome! Trusting God that they'll be in your arms very soon!

  2. Hope is what we live on. Praying and hoping that that those suitcases get packed tall soon. Love you both.