Monday, October 28, 2013

Elusive Court Date

Court date, court date, court date.  It’s like this chant that has taken up residence in my head, even in my sleep.  I check my email about every 10-20 minutes, hoping against all hope that MAYBE we have a court date.  So far, all I have gotten in my in-box are advertisements for shoes and teeth whitening.  I get up at night to use the bathroom…  and check my e-mail.  I pause in between classes at school to check my e-mail.  Before, and immediately after, running with a friend, yup, then, too.  This is horribly time consuming, and if I could just convince my emotions to communicate with my brain, I would be perfectly at peace knowing that our court date WILL come in God’s perfect timing.  Ugh.  Stupid emotions.  

But don’t worry, I’ll let y’all know when we hear something!  

Hadson (right) and his friend, Nathan
A few times I’ve talked about the boy that started this whole adoption ‘thing’ for us.  Well, our precious Hadson turned 16 last Friday!  He’s growing into such a wonderful young man, overcoming some incredible odds, and is walking faithfully with God in Brazil.  He’s involved in Bible clubs, the church missions committee, and is even going on a missions trip up the Amazon river in a few months!  It will be an adventure for him, and an exciting time to see God at work.  
We tried calling him Friday afternoon, and it was a comical disaster.  Between a poor connection and a total language barrier…  well… at least we tried, right?  I’m thankful for our missionary friend there that translated a little for us, and was willing to talk and update us on the happenings down there.

A friend from college translated a message for him, which I posted to him on FaceBook.  I wanted a fluent moment to tell him how much we loved him, thought of him as our son, and that we were proud of him.   Hadson’s response (via Google Translate) had both of us in tears: “right now I'm crying, I thank God for having known you I though not blood I mi son of pr
oud parents call you I love you thank you”

Goodness, I miss that boy!

First official use of "Bobbiton"
Friday morning was the first official use of my jogging stroller.  We have named it “Bobbiton”, and it works very nicely!  My friend that I usually run with happened to be babysitting that day.  Rather than cancel our “run” (read: slow jog/walk), we used our stroller!  It was fun to be pushing the pumpkin-orange thing through the trees and trails at the local college, blending in with the fall colors.

Later in the evening, we had one of our martial art classes.  The lady I was working with was asking about my family, if I had kids, etc.  
Yes!  I do have kids!  Two, in fact!  
She asked their ages.  
Well, 7 months and 13 months.  
The look of confusion was priceless.  “How did you manage that?!?  <long pause> Wait, is one adopted?”  
She then asked which guy in class was my husband?  
To which I replied, “The good looking one!”
She takes one look over at the pile of boys wrestling on the floor and says matter-of-factly: “Oh!  The blond!”  
Yup, he’s mine!

So there have indeed been some fun, lighthearted moments as we…  wait…  and prepare.  
Thank you for your continued prayers as we continue to be slightly stressed, on edge, and rather confused.  :)  

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  1. Previous email-chained mama tip: set it up for emails from your adoption worker to be forwarded to your cell phone so that it will make that wonderful text chime for you. After our adoption was finalized, I had to change my text tone... because the old text tone still gives me a huge adrenaline rush.