Monday, August 7, 2017

Adventures With Arnold: Day 5-6

Day 5:
Mercifully, this day was more laid back than the others.  In the morning, we gathered Arnold and stuffed him back into the car.  He was expecting another huge hike like yesterday, but today we just went to the river.  There is a lovely river running into Lake McDonald, and large sections of it are wide and shallow.  Like, 6-12 inches deep, casually running over vibrant and unique rocks.  This appeared to be a great place for Arnold and the kiddos to play.  We carefully make our way to a rock island in the middle of the river and camped out a while.

After a length of time splashing in the water, we left our island and drove around a bit to our next hike.  It was a hike suggested on the "what do to with your small children in Glacier" sites, and was a tame nature walk through some lovely woods.  We walked though some places that had been affected by the wildfire, and also ended up on the shores of Lake McDonald again to throw rocks. Arnold was glad it wasn't a strenuous walk. He was getting little tired of being unceremoniously toted all over creation, often by one leg. 

playing "Pooh Sticks"

Day 6:
We loaded up and were out the door by 7:30am.  Arnold was impressed.  I was too, actually. We retraced the 10 hour drive home, stopping for a huckleberry milkshake, and made it in time for our martial arts class in the evening.

Arnold's sleeping arrangements at our guest house
Arnold is trying not to panic that he is upside down
and cannot flip himself right side up,
and, his human is asleep and unable to assist.
Arnold enjoying lunch with the kiddos at a rest stop.
He even liked the carrot sticks.

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