Sunday, August 6, 2017

Adventures With Arnold: Day 4

Arnold in a canoe

Day 4:
This morning, Arnold hopped enthusiastically back into the car with us.  We left earlier than normal because we had a canoe rental waiting for us.  For an hour and a half, we paddled around Lake McDonald. Arnold found it strange to be riding on top of the water instead of in it.  It was his first boat ride, and the kiddos' first canoe ride.  They had a healthy fear of tipping the canoe, for which Arnold was glad.  He hadn't brought his bathing suit.

After the canoe trip, Arnold took a nap on the way up to Logan Pass.  It was about an hour for him to rest, and gear up for the big hike.  One again, he didn't walk much himself, but relied on Jayce, Anya, and occasionally Philip for transportation. It was a very steep hike, with lots of stairs, and a breathtaking view at the top.  Actually, the views were breathtaking the entire way up.  The mountain goats at the top were an added bonus.

the wildflowers were amazing

Leaping over creeks like a boss

The snow was melting on her

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