Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Turning One

Crazy to think, but Jayce turned one year old last week!  In honor of him, we had a birthday party.  It was, honestly, really strange to have a celebration without the child.  I mean, who has a party without the kid?  Well, we do.  I suppose it was more for Philip and I than anyone else, but it was sure fun to have ice cream, a mocha pudding cake, and play games.  I also had a few blank scrapbook pages for people to write birthday notes to Jayce.  It was a very small event-- only my mom, Philip's parents and in-town siblings, and Jonathan's girlfriend.
Mocha pudding cake, 1-year-old candle, peaches,
and scrapbook pages

Family chillin' and drinking hot apple cider

Auntie Grace

Philip modeling the cell phone
(to "call" Grandma-Bee)

Green, striped fleece PJs with raccoon
accents- nothing better!

Cars and track.  It makes noise.

Grand-mom signing the scrapbook guest-book

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