Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mommy Things

Tiny shoes for our son!
First of all, please, please pray that we will be assigned a court date before the courts close on August 6th.  If we are not assigned a court date before then, it will be after the courts reopen in early October, which would push everything in our process back a few months and our first trip would be November or later.  Now, God does indeed know what He is doing, but I think it would be better for all parties involved to travel in October.  Just sayin’.  :)  In the meantime, I’m checking my e-mail more frequently in hopes of a message from our agency!  

A few Mommy-moments:

1. So, “prego-brain” moment of the week: stamping the return address in the upper right corner of the letter.  ::fail!::  My sister-in-law commented that I’m not pregnant.  Well, I’m not, but I am expecting!!!  Therefore, I should be entitled to at least as many “prego-brain” moments as a regular pregnant mom.  Right?  
My second nephew being goofy!

2.  I was blessed earlier this week by a car-seat given to us by a friend.  It can be rear-facing, front-facing, or even the booster-seat thing!  Perfect!  It’s even brown!

3.  We found a great little consignment store in Boring (yes, there is a town named Boring) with a stack of clothes for $.50 each!  I also found some adorable stuff half-off at GoodWill.  The nice thing about kiddo clothes is that they are usually barely worn when you get them second-hand.  There were even a tiny pair of sport-sandals for our son that were only $2!  
Philip and the most beautiful niece ever!

4.  Today, my brother and sister-in-law and their kiddos came in from Costa Rica.  Their youngest is only a month older that our daughter, so needless to say, I eyed her constantly.  What kind of things do small people do?  How big are they?  How on earth do you get them out of their little plastic carrier-thingys?  I confess I got slightly choked up holding her.  Rrrr!

5.  I decided I love “Plan Toys” and “Wonderworld” brand toys.

6.  Last week I messaged my friend that does Origami Owl-- (personalized jewelry stuff), and ordered two more little charms corresponding to my kids’ birth months.  It feels kinda nice to have my family-necklace all complete!  Our kids were born in March and September.  I have two more charms for the children we said “yes!” to, and who subsequently changed our lives but are not a part of our family: the baby born last September in Pennsylvania, and the young man (born in October) in Brazil that we fell in love with and who started our whole adoption-quest.

My kiddos: one born in March, two in September, and one in October
and initial charms for Philip and I.

So...  that’s where things stand at the moment!  Thanks for taking the moment to check in and catch up on our little family! :)


  1. Definitely will be praying for a quick court date!! And I love your necklace!!