Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Growing Too Fast

Many of you are asking how I'm doing, now that we've had "the news!" for a few weeks now!  :)  Actually, I'm doing pretty well!  I'm still fluxing between extreme excitement and sheer terror, with most emotions somewhere in the middle.

The day after we got "the call", I was on the phone with a girlfriend who kindly pointed out that I had not heard a word she just said.  ::oops::  So, I guess I go through phases of being completely distracted and preoccupied!  Maybe this is kinda what they call "prego-brain"?

Then, there was the freaking-out session and the pep-talk from another friend convincing me that having kids will not destroy my marriage. For real. Her encouragement was much appreciated!  The same friend is keeping her eyes our for garage-sale kiddo furniture, bless her!

Recently there was a shopping spree at the Fred Meyer clearance racks where I picked up some cold-weather clothes for the small people.  I began to inwardly panic, thinking ahead to the sizes my kids will need when they come home-- probably 9-12 months for her, and 12-18 months for him, at least to start out.  I began looking at the newborn clothes and the 3-6 month clothes, thinking how they will be too small for my small people!  My kiddos are growing up too fast!  I won't get to hold them when they are that small.  Ack!  It's rather hard to remember the truth of Psalm 68-- That our God is a Father to the fatherless, and my kids are perfectly safe in His arms, regardless of where they live.

We got a BOB double jogging stroller off of Craig's List, and a friend gave us a hi-chair.  Another couple donated several hundred dollars for our travel expenses, for which we are eternally grateful.  We have now completed over 60% of our adoption puzzle!

This past week, Philip and I were at a youth camp 5 hours away in the eastern part of the state, working with some hi-school kids.  The other counselors and staff have been so encouraging through this whole process, and have kept close tabs on our adoption progress.  Part way through the week at camp, one of the other counselors lured me into the dining hall under pretense of preparing a skit, and I found myself in the middle of a baby shower!  For me!!!  My very first baby shower!  I about cried! I can't express how blessed I felt-- so loved and my kids so spoiled!
Yeah, not a skit practice.

Oh goodness, this is really for ME!?

Feeling so loved!
I was blessed by everything from diapers to homemade booties to an amazing giraffe print diaper bag that I complimented one of my campers on earlier in the week, thinking it was part of her luggage!  :)

So, currently, we're doing well.  The next thing we should hear will be a court date, which will tell us when we need airline tickets to make our first trip!

Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers!


  1. Yay hooray for surprise baby showers! We are pretty excited for you both. As you transition to parents with kids at home, we are just an email or call away. You know... we are really good at telling you that what you're experiencing is normal and even better, that hard times pass and good times keep coming and you're not alone. I'm sure you already have, but develop a list of people you can call at times of panic, both now and after your kids are home. A few local people ought to be on there who know which end of a baby is up so that you can take breaks when you need.

    1. Thank you, Rachel! I appreciate it! :) :) :)

  2. oh Anna, this post made me cry! You guys are so close to meeting your sweet little people and I praise the Lord for all He has done in your life to bring you to this point! I wish I lived closer so I could help you out in your moments of panic but I know the Lord has surrounded you with amazing friends who have your back! Your kiddos are about the same age that Addy and her sister were when I first met them, that baby time is a sweet time :) And you will be a wonderful mother!! Again, I'm so excited for you guys!! (and I'm all caught up on your blog! lol)

    1. correction! You and Phillip will be wonderful parents!!! :D