Thursday, February 21, 2013

A brief, vague update

Greetings!  Let me begin by thanking all of you for your prayers, concern and encouragement you have shown to us and our kiddos.  It has meant so much, and we truly know that we're not in this crazy situation alone.

I hoped for an update by Tuesday, but Thursday will have to do.  We have heard from our agency a few times, and are breathing a little easier.  I can't share too many details (not that I have a lot of details) but what I will share is that our agency has a few options ahead of them, and are working hard to make the best decision for kids and families.  In speaking with our agency's director, we assured her of our desire to adopt two kiddos if possible.  She wanted to make sure that no one talked us into it, and that it really is something from our hearts that we feel God has led us to do.  That being the case, she wanted us to know that IF we do end up bringing home two kids, they will likely be birth-siblings, and we likely won't have control over the age/gender.  Which means we could end up with babies, both girls, etc.  I suppose we'll have to trust our loving God that He knows what He's doing.  Which is the best place to be, anyway.  :)

Indeed, we still have no clue what will come of it all, we still are bathing the entire situation in prayer, and NOTHING is certain.  Please join us in asking the Father for a miracle that will enable all the waiting families to proceed with their adoptions with as little headache as possible.  Please join us in asking His specific protection over our little kid or kiddos.  We trust Him to bring them home to us in His perfect timing, whoever they may be.

Bless His great Name.

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