Thursday, April 6, 2017

Who? History, a Son, and a Beginning

Philip and Hadson, 2008
This post might be somewhat repetitive if you happened to read my very first blog post eons ago. However, to clarify confusion....

In exactly 1 day, 7 hours, 48 minutes, and 39 seconds, Hadson will be interviewed by the US consulate in hopes of obtaining a travel visa to enter the United States.  We have been talking for years about him coming to visit us, and Friday morning is the day in which we will know if this happens now or later, Lord willing.

Who is Hadson?  He's our son.  Sorta.  In our minds and hearts he's our son.

Nine years ago, while on a missions trip to Brazil, South America, Philip and I met this adorable little guy, and we attached like velcro.  At the time, Philip and I had been married about 2 years, and had no inclination to have kiddos anytime soon.  I had thought about adoption, but Philip wasn't quite so sure. However, upon meeting Hadson, we both fell in love and individually came to the conclusion that, if we ever had a son, we'd want him.  God used Hadson to completely change Philip's heart towards adoption.  We left Brazil leaving a huge chunk of our hearts behind, and ended up pursuing Hadson's adoption until it was no longer possible.
Fast forward 9 years, a few buckets of tears, ages of lost sleep, much research, and a lot of prayer, and we come to today.
Present-day, there is actually a possibility to see our son again.  He's out of the army now, has his passport, and is, as I type, traveling by bus to the US consulate to get his visa.

Philip and Hadson, 2016 (while
Philip returned to Brazil on another
missions trip)
The impression I get is that obtaining a visa is like going to the DMV.  You may or may not actually accomplish what you are there for.  It all depends on the mood of the individual behind the desk. I've been told that the people giving the interviews are often mean.

So, please pray.  Please pray that God's will be done.  I desperately want to see Hadson.  It's been too long.  He's grown from a little boy into a young man.  It would be a great opportunity to expose him to the culture here, assist in his language learning, and be able to include him in the rest of the family life. Even more, I want God's best for Hadson and for us.  Even if it means he is not able to come, I want God's best.  So, we will pray, be stretched in our faith, and hold tightly to the God who is always good, and we will trust.

Thanks for joining us on the journey.

16 hours, 1 minute, and 32 seconds.

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