Friday, July 8, 2016

Brazil, Nerves, and Kiddos - DONE

Yay!  The husband came home day before yesterday, and I am SO GLAD this thing is done with.  Ugh.  I feel like all the energy, life and motivation has completely drained out of me, and all I want to do is lie on the floor in a puddle of mush and be taken care of for a while.  Ha, if only life were so simple.

Waiting for Daddy at the airport

In the 48 hours surrounding Philip and Stasia's homecoming, I made 2 loves of banana bread, a batch of chili in the crockpot, an asparagus crab bisque, cinnamon rolls, and strawberry shortcake-- all from scratch.  All of which is now consumed, but I'm too tired to be in the kitchen and make anything else. Maybe we'll do omelets again for dinner.  That's easy enough.

The happy mamas
The exhausted mamas
There were three mamas whose husbands were in Brazil. We just about did a victory dance at the airport that we (and our kiddos) all survived this experience.

The kiddos had about a day of adjustment to having Philip home again.  There was that weird time where I was their primary go-to person, even when Philip was right there.  I have heard it's normal, so we are taking it in stride.  I have been more stressed than I anticipated, and am struggling with over-dramatic emotions, stresses over little things, and I've been praying that God will change me. I think we will survive.

Wearing their soccer jerseys Daddy brought them

When I picked the kiddos up from Joni's house (They spend 2 nights there so I could clean house and they wouldn't be bothered by the fireworks) she told me that Juli's dog was pregnant.  Jayce had asked how the puppies got in the mama's tummy-- did she eat them?  Why would she eat puppies?  How were they going to come out?  Through her mouth?  Would Juli have to cut the mama open?  After Joni said they came out trough her bottom, Jayce stopped asking questions.  Phew.

Sissy with her Brazil headband from Auntie Stasia
Yesterday, Philip and I went to pick up cabinets for the kitchen.  Philip borrowed the trailer from his dad, and the cabinets all barely fit.  But, hey, I'm gonna get a real kitchen in the Tall House!  Yay!  This is a major step towards being able to move in! Tuesday they are doing the template for the countertop, and then it'll be installed 2 weeks from then.  I also finished planting the trees around the house, so I'm glad that's done.  So far all my green-leafy things have survived, and I'm excited to have so many varieties!

Gonna be a kitchen!!!

Planting my forest
Today, I took Gram shopping. I love spending time with her and hearing about the past (WWII, her life growing up, etc). Her wisdom and sense of humor are awesome, and I appreciate her outlook on life. She enjoys spending time with the kiddos, and I'm glad they can have memories with her. She told me today that during the war, the song "You are my Sunshine" was popular. The Pacific Islanders heard it so much from the American troops that they thought it was our national anthem.

Helping Grandma Rose

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