Sunday, January 18, 2015


For starters, here is a sweet follow-up article that appeared in the local paper.  The author was very kind, and we enjoyed the interview very much.

A friend asked me today about my experience as a new mama: if I had prepared enough, how I should have prepared differently, and what my expectations were beforehand.  Philip and I have a pretty firm rule about expectations: we purposefully avoid them.  I mean, really, what's the point?  They only set you up for disappointment.  That being said, I've certainly had some surprises about Mama-hood.

Before my kiddos came home, no one warned me about the little things that would accost me every day.  There is no real way to prepare for small helicopters in my shower, tiny trucks in my cracker box, a twig in my bed, or a stray pink sock in my kitchen.  No one told me!!!

In my "normal" world, these things do not happen.  This life in Mama-Land isn't "normal", though.  A short time ago, I took pictures of what all I found throughout the day.  Mostly, this is for my own amusement, but also for the education of all who have not yet lived in Mama-Land.  Beware: you will find unusual and scary things here.

Where else would you ever find....

....a child this adorable rockin' oatmeal on her nose?  (and a pile of clean laundry in the background that has been there a while?)

....a green lego block on your toilet paper??

...a bowl of turtle soup??!

...a sweet snuggle before nap?

...or an incredibly wiggly diaper change?

And, who ever would have thought that...

...books could be glued back together 18 times after they mysteriously self-destruct? (This is a great author, by the way.  I totally recommend his books.  They are beautiful and super interactive.  My kids love them...  a bit too much.)

...stuffed sock-monkeys had to pee?

....there would be an eternal supply of crumbs under my table that I swore would never be there

...I would have a naked doll by my kitchen sink and her coffee-stained outfit drying on my soap dispenser?

....a child could disappear so completely under blankets....

.....a drawing time could be so precious

....a handprint so sweet

....or a son be so content next to his daddy

Yup, this Mama-Land is a strange place.  It's things like these that help me realize that "adoption" is a past event in the kids' lives.  It's not who they are.  Adoption happened to them, but does not define them.  Now they are just normal kiddos.  Well, as "normal" as two adorably cute, crazy two-year-olds can be.

Here are a random smattering of pics from the last few weeks.  Wow, I love these kiddos!

Anya's hair is getting SO long.  It's about 6 inches now.
She does notappreciate my playing with it.

Wearing her brother's hat

Curled up on the couch like Mama, drawing.
Jayce prefers a pen to a crayon.

Jayce reading the Bible story book with Grandma Bee

Giggling with my Baby Girl tonight

Doing paperwork, like Mama

They now have matching footed jammies.

"Does she ever stop smiling?" "Not really."

This nutty Mama

Philip got Jayce up in the middle of the
night to take him potty, and he sorta
was still asleep.
He's SUCH a cute bundle!

My amazing husband that I am crazy-in-love with

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