Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Not for Show-and-Tell

Baby Girl staying warm
Ha, today.  I must have had a sign on my head that said "STOP ME AND ADMIRE MY CHILDREN!"

Seriously, it ranged from kinda-rude-and-annoying to best-stranger-interaction-ever.

I walked to the store with Jayce and Anya in their stroller.  They like their stroller and I like my exercise. They were completely bundled in layers and layers of clothing, resembling marshmallows.  Well, brown marshmallows.  Chocolate marshmallows? Yeah, chocolate.  Probably a dozen people smiled and waved at the kids, said hi or a passing "how beautiful/cute/adorable/whatever".  A few interactions stuck out to me though.

Neutral interaction:
Ok, so as I walked through the parking lot to the store, one of the cart-collectors stopped me and asked if Jayce and Anya were twins?  I smiled and said "Almost! They are 6 months apart!" The poor befuddled fellow was like, "How did you do that??" Ha ha, I told him it took talent.  A lame explanation, I know, but seriously what else was I to say? Someone please comment on this post with some witty one-liners.  I need them.  Thanks.

Slightly positive interaction:
We went inside and I was looking for long sleeved shirts for Anya.  It's close quarters back in the baby section, as if moms with double strollers aren't expected to be there.  There were a few people commenting how adorable the kids were, blah blah blah, and one lady asked if they needed an extra grandmother?  Because "you can never have too many grandmothers."  Cute, thanks.  She then proceeded to help me look for shirts on the clearance rack, which was actually kinda nice.

Annoying interaction:
Making my way from the clothing section to the grocery section, an employee blocked my path and said (loudly, with that shrill voice that sounds like an under-educated reader of tabloids) "Oh my gawwwwd!  Look at that!" Calling to her fellow employee: "Lucy!  Come here and look at this!!!"  All the while she was staring slack-jawed, gaping at my kids, as if they were a box of newborn fuzzy aliens.  She began to make a fuss over the kids as I excused myself to get around her.  I smiled and gently said "We're not for show-and-tell today" as I scooted off in the opposite direction.  Poor Lucy stood there rather awkwardly.

Best. ever. interaction:
Before braving the cold walk home, I stopped by Starbucks for a latte.  Standing in line waiting for the barrista, a guy and a gal came over towards me.  The guy apologized for interrupting me (which he wasn't) and said that he just had to come see the kids.  He began the general "so beautiful, so handsome, blah blah" stuff that everyone says.  He then asked if they were adopted? He seemed genuinely interested in our family, so I volunteered a little more info about their birth-country, age, length of time at home, etc.  He asked their names, complimented Anya's smile, and asked if he and his gal-friend can give them high-fives (thank you for asking!!!!).
Then he says: "I'm really touched by what you guys have done.  Thank you for providing a safe place for these kids."

Wow.  Of all the things to say to an adoptive mom, I think that is the about the best.  "Thank you for providing a safe place."  Yes.  He understands.  He understands there there was hurt in the past.  He doesn't patronize them or tell them how lucky they are.  He doesn't tell me what a saint I am.  He doesn't see them as cute items at a boutique.  By that one phrase, he communicates that my kids are valuable.  They are people, they are precious, they were once at risk, but now they are safe.  Thank you, random stranger, for that.


  1. I like this post. I especially like that you had time to sit down and tell all these stories. Love you!

  2. Not for show and tell today! That IS the best one-liner ever. I cannot help you... you are already a master.