Friday, August 30, 2013


So thankful that Philip and I are able to get away for a few days to our “haunt” on the river.  It’s a little cabin/lodge place where we can bring our own food, sit in quietness, read, draw, watch a movie, spend time together and in the Word of God, and do as little as possible!  There is no better way to celebrate our anniversary!  It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years-- so much has happened it is a little overwhelming.  It’s even more overwhelming to think of the changes that will be happening in the next few months!

I’m beginning to experience that “nesting” instinct-- the desire to chuck everything that is in my way and create a perfect little atmosphere that's clean, comfortable, kid-friendly, and ready for my small people to arrive.  

I’ve contemplated:
  • Raising chickens for eggs and to teach my kids about animals and responsibility
  • Overhauling the unmaneagable foliage in the side yard
  • Putting a roof on the back porch for a better play-space
  • Organizing (or calling haz-mat?) the mysterious contents of the man-cave

What is more realistic:
  • A bunch of goodwill trips (taking general clutter, bringing home baby clothes)
  • Washing the aforementioned baby clothes
  • Sorting them according to size and gender
  • Handmaking about 100 “birth” announcements
  • Stalking garage sales
  • Pureeing and freezing food in ice-cube trays for homemade baby food
  • Turning the pillar in the kids’ room into a tree (in the contemplative stage, currently)
  • Debating what nursery furniture I actually need
  • Writing their names over and over and over and…
  • Drawing a picture (or two or three or four) of their names and coloring it
  • Stressing over the arrangement of the nursery
  • Editing and re-editing our “dream list” baby registry on Amazon
  • Chucking garbage and clearing space
  • Hoarding diapers
  • Freaking out to an adoptive mom over e-mail, asking about bedtime routines
  • Dragging Philip to Ikea to look at baby furniture
  • Dreaming about my kids allllll night long
  • Posting their pictures on my closet door so I can see it laying in bed

This list could go on and on.  I’m sure I’ll have more to add to it as the weeks go by.  Thank you all for being polite as I can’t seem to utter a sentence unless it’s kiddo-related.  :)  And thank you to the folks that have listened to my clueless-mom questions, like “is it ok to feed babies pureed bean soup?”  

I’m hoping in the next few days to be able to share their American names with you.  I still cannot post their Ethiopian names because of legal reasons, but we’re choosing to move their Ethiopian names to middle names, and give them more pronounceable first names.  :)  Comin’ soon!


  1. Pureed bean soup equals pureed bean diapers! Excellent correction to the too much applesauce and rice stopping them up problem. Talking kids equals talking poo! You're in good company.... lots of people love talking kids and babies!!!

  2. LOL. Pureed bean soup, oh my it will bring unwanted results believe me. You can talk about your kiddo's all you want, love hearing about you and them.

  3. Pureed bean soup is so fine. Don't listen to the haters, Anna! :D It's all in moderation, so as long as you don't give that and only that to the kids, they will be fine. Just feed 'em a banana at the same time and you're golden! :)

  4. lol! I'd say go for the bean soup and pray lol, but then again I'm in the same boat you are :) My "baby" wasn't so little when we got her and now she's turning 4 in just 1 month! You are a great mommy Anna, I'd be worried about you if you weren't worried about everything being just right for your precious babies as its a normal thing :) Enjoy all the "pre-baby" planning, its so exciting and fun :) If the bean soup has undesirable effects lol (and even if it doesn't) I recommend Boudreaux's Butt Paste diaper cream, that stuff is great!

    1. Sweet, thanks-- I just put the Butt-Paste on my registry :)